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Default Kingman Training Chaser

Thanks to our wonderful hosts (Kingman and the Mod Squad), I won a brand new Kingman Training Chaser. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant about the marker for a few reasons:
  • It's Kingman, their quality has never been what I'd consider... excellent
  • It's $110 at regular price
  • It's a pistol
  • It's .43 caliber
I decided to keep it and not hock it on PBN as soon as I got it, and I'm very glad that I did. I was thoroughly impressed at the build quality of this little bastard, especially at the price tag. I took a few pictures for those of you interested:

I've had a PT Extreme in the past, and it was simply a tinker toy. Not much more than that. Got about 15-30 shots from a 12g depending on weather and fire rate. This is a completely different beast. It is rock solid, and in typical pistol fashion is slightly complex inside. If you read the manual, it SHOULD be really easy for most users to break it down completely so long as you go slow and don't lose any of the little parts. This is not entirely necessary, however, as the only real part that needs cleaning is the bolt. To get out the bolt, you twist a little thing in the back of the bottom tube 1/4 turn so the notch is facing up, then tap the bolt right out the back. You will also need a small Phillips head screwdriver, small flathead, and some paintball oil. Those are the only things I can think of that the box does not include.

In the box are two 12g CO2 cartridges and 100 .43 caliber paintballs to get you started. The paintballs are of amazingly high quality, breaking on being dropped from about a little above my navel height (4ft or so). There is very little paint inside, so I do not think that in a fast paced Speedball environment they will be noticed as easily as a .68 caliber paintball.

I have yet to fire the marker (between work, rain, and family), and will update this further on down the line when I finally get a chance to. Stay tuned.


I went out to the field and actually used the little sucker. Also had my local field owner run a game with it. It was actually hilarious as he ran out of paint and ran down the last guy with it, yelling at him to surrender. Marker performs very well accuracy wise. Recoil is nil (as with all paintball markers). Trigger felt good. The magazines, however.. they were my biggest headache that day. When I didn't remember to take the follower out of it's notch, it wouldn't fire (duh me). The problem is, when I did remember to the balls broke past the keeper. I eventually just gradually released it and it was working OK, but it's not something I enjoy having to do. Holding that little pin and carefully moving it over isn't going to work for me, and I'm most likely going to break down the magazine and trim a rung off the spring. The other issue I had that was magazine related was that you cannot take out the magazine until after you are done shooting through it. If you do, the keeper is still held so it lets the balls fly everywhere, and if you try sticking it back in... crunch. Lovely mess inside mine right now that I have to clean up.

Given all of this, I would still recommend the product. If you use it just as the manual says, and don't get tricky with it like I do, it will work very, very well. At the price tag, I don't think there's another product in it's category that can compete with its value. I think the Chaser is just the right weight, but if you want a heavier, sturdier than plastic (albeit very strong plastic) then the Eraser is the model for you, and only a few bucks more.
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