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Default Re: My experiences with vs2 and how to fix everything so far

Hello i'm new to this not sure where to turn maby you can help. I'm having problems with my Vs2. It all started with similar problems i read about on this forum recocking issues. I tried alot of the tips you described worked for alittle while. Then it started locking up. It would shoot once or twice and then just click, click, shoot once, click, click,and then blew the factory gauge. I took it to the pro shop at the field i play at (Paintball Arkansas)they put on a new gauge and changed the spring. Worked great the next few times i used it then started again shot, click, click, shot, shot, click, click. Couldn't dial in the psi kept moving from 225-300 and blew a Bob Long gauge. What could going on? Signed: Frustrated!
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