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Arrow Re: spyder MR4 chopping issue, need help

Originally Posted by The Zigurat View Post
............ is there an acs bolt? ........
If you want to chop more and have velocity issues too, get the ACS bolt -

Face it, it's prolly going to occasionally chop. With the RT I'd have to guess it's a mechanical bounce prob. That trigger frame has a high chance of bouncing. If it is bouncing you want to adjust the trigger screws away from the microswitch levers a bit. Pretty sure the RT board has a 25bps cap as well. Can the Pinochle hopper keep up with that? Never had one. You might want to check the detents as well. Always good to have some spares when it's using the rubber nubbies, They tend to wear out quicker than the old better designed steel ball detents -

Chopping is a dime a dozen. Could be many different things. Just try one thing at a time till it stops. If you do a bunch of things at once and it stops, you'll never know why it was chopping -
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