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Originally Posted by FlipMz3drvr View Post
hmmm.. I always wondered why sellers on eBay usually listed items with picitanny/weaver rails... so I assumed that they had either names... so yeah I have a RAP4 offset that has a 1 inch offset that I was going to mount to the handle but found out when I received it, it had the smaller weaver mount 3/8 so I couldn't mount it. It's like what the Tippmann A5 has, I think...
Just to clarify on the weaver/picatinny thing...
True weaver rails have much more space between the slots on them than picatinny rails.
True picatinny rails have the same spacing as the ones on the MR4, but don't actually have material in the along the middle, so there's really jsut a series of points going down the sides of it (look at the rails on the Opsgear UMP, HK416 and SAW shrouds)
The rails on the MR4, and many other markers which are now common (X7, 98 Platinum, BT markers), are really weaver-styled picatinny rails. I guess it's acceptable to call them either or, but they're closer to picatinny.

A 3/8" rail is usually called a dovetail, and is small than a weaver rail, which is 7/8". The original MR2 has a 3/8 dovetail on the raised sight rail. It's not as common on paintball markers anymore, though the A-5 has one as do original Tippmann 98s.
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