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Default Re: Empire XLT gearbag

Minus the tools, pods and mask...EVERYTHING in this picture fits in the middle compartment:

First layer of 6 jerseys and tech mat:

Add 5 hoppers, 3 tanks, tool kit, 2 barrel kits:

Now add a SLS, DM10, elbow pads, dye pack and sandana:

Top it off with the T2 in the larger gun bag where it normally rests:

After seeing all that, all I have to say is.....This is THE gearbag to have.

I simply couldn't ask for anything more.

Fully loaded down the bag is very stable and will stand straight up without having to worry about it falling over. The bag rolls extremely smooth even over dirt and gravel. and the extending handle is extremely strong and rigid.

Empire hit a homerun with this one. I have had the bag since june and it has been far from babied yet it looks brand new. It even rode in the bed of truck for 800 miles between kansas and texas.

Item that definitely gets the Taco seal of approval.

Complete list of what is in my bag:
1. Planet Eclipse SLS
2. London Tigers DM10
3. CCM T2
4. CCM barrel kit
5. Deadlywind barrel kit in freak case
6. Ninja 68/45
7. Ninja 45/45
8. Crossfire 68/45
9. Empire Prophecy
10. Dye rotor
11. Spyder fasta
12. New style sportshot
13. Old style sportshot
14. V-force grillz
15. Dye pack
16. Planet eclipse elbow pads
17. Dye C6 pants
18. Six jerseys
19. Eclipse tech mat
20. Large tackle box full of spares
21. Dye sandana
22. Field tool set
23. 6 dye locklids
24. 3 normal pods
25. Four 100 round pods
26. Cleats
27. Gloves
28. Paper towels
29. Several micro fiber towels
30. Batterys
31. Alots of misc small items

Back to gun whoring.....

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