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Default Empire XLT gearbag

Had this since june but i just now got around to taking pics when I had everything out of it.

I was a big fan of NXE Executive gearbag but I sold it when I quit for a few years. Coming back to paintball in January it took me awhile to build up a good amount of gear again since I only played pump for 4-5 months. Anyways back in June it was time to start looking for a new gearbag and my cousin who was working at a pb shop at the time hooked me up with this one for a nice price.

Before I continue here is a overview of pics and what all can fit in this beast:

Bag itself, empty:

Comes with several duffle bags, barrel case, gun case and then another gun you will see in a few pics down:

Starting off with one of the side pockets, this side has several separated compartments with mesh pockets:

I use it to hold all of the field tool kit:

Everything fits in a pocket with the allen wrenchs (most used by far) left in the center (allen wrench left out to show how well the tools fit in pockets):

Continuing around to the backside there is a large pocket with mesh along the sides:

I use this to hold my pods and cleats (6 locklids, 3 normal pods and 4 100 round pods...cleats not pictured):

All the pods in with room for cleats:

Next we have another side pocket but this time it has spots for ID cards, cell phone, pens, etc.:

I use this to hold my phone and such at the field along with random spare parts, batterys, etc. :

(no after pic since it is just tossed in there)

Back to gun whoring.....

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