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Default Re: New Ego.....

Ya traded geo2 for it.

Originally Posted by 2005modxtra View Post
Hmm here is one just like it on ebay for sale=== =======
But that one doesnt look as good maybe its just the pictures.

Thats a SL94 and it looks more grey then black.

This is why noobs shouldn't own expensive guns.......

^^^^^^^Thats a ****ing allen wrench broke off the in the ASA set screw!!!!!!!!

Put tank on it and it felt loose, went to tighten the screw and the allen wrench wouldn't go in. Took a look and some noob used a allen wrench that was a size to small, apparently it got jammed and then snapped off.

The fix:

You know how much I love drilling into a $1800 gun with a $250 anno job

After about a hour of careful drilling with a tiny drill bit I managed to get the allen wrench out with enough thread left on the set screw to be able to use allen wrench to get it out.

Back to gun whoring.....

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