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I mean, I guess both of us went about it better than one of my friends. It actually caught me off guard when this happened. Apparently he developed feelings for a mutual friend, a girl who had been dating the same guy for about 6 years. He kind of just blurted it out in a situation where there wasn't a time for real discussion. Made it completely awkward, now they don't speak anymore, she's getting married (I'm a groomsman, the groom is one of my oldest friends), and he can't even be there because it would be completely awkward. All because he couldn't just let it go. I mean, we all knew they were going to get married, he should have put a stop on that a long time ago.

But honestly, this guy is weird. He has no ambition to go out and have fun, just sits around watching TV, movies and boxing. We actually don't really speak much any more. I was one of his few friends that he hadn't driven away, then I started hanging out with my lesbian friend (before I knew she was gay) instead of spending all my free time on his couch watching movies and anime, and he takes extreme offense. I'm sorry I don't want to be a loser and pursue a relation with a fantastic girl? Sad part is, that was months ago, and he is the one not talking to me.

Wow, srs convo much?
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