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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
finally ordered internet (1.5mbps DSL) yesterday. should have it in a week or two. with my work schedule i have almost no time to get what i need to get done for my online classes at school. and these are the only 2 classes im worried about failing. after 3.5 years, im finally ready for a degree, and i dont need this to slow me down.

My phone has been broken for the past month, well the earpiece has been. I have to use speaker phone in order to talk to anyone. Anyway, the other night I was talking to a friend about...girl...relations... and my dad walked by and made a funny comment. Was I embarrassed? A little. Was it funny? Yes.
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I'm betting if you have erectile disfunction pills, they will be popular with the moderators.

Skanking to the beat.

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