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Default Re: Best Movies of All Time

Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
Dude, watchmen was amazing. It was written by alan moore, same guy who wrote v for vendetta. If you didn't get it, then you weren't thinking hard enough.

I loved the hangover, kickass not so much. It was way too superficial. I was expecting an action comedy, not a gory, pity the fake superhero movie. Drago, in my opinion the fight scenes were overdone

Also, watch The Runaways. Kristen stewart and dakota fanning make-out scenes, mmmm...

And Fanboys if you're a star wars geek
I saw Watchmen at like four am and I was way to tired to be thinking at all lol. I haven't seen V for Vendetta but I heard that was pretty sick.

Never hear of The Runaways.

Fanboys was so funny. I love that movie lol.
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