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Default Cleaning out some paintball stuff!

Ok so I have a bunch of stuff for sale. I think it's time I move some of this stuff out! I have prices up but everything is OBO. Shipping isn't included (probably won't be much on any of these things). If what you're buying is under $10, it's shipping first class (7-10 days). Buy more than $10, it'll go Priority (Unless you want first class which is cheaper).

No trades, only cash. Paypal or MO is fine. For MO, you ship the MO first, then when I get it, I'll ship the stuff out.

Overview of everything:


Separate prices:

SPPS Snapdragon MR trigger: SOLD
Hybrid .45 Grips $8
Palmer's Stabilizer w/ macro fitting SOLD
Silver Kila Timmy 2k2 detents SOLD on IOG
CP Rail $10 / Smart Parts Quick-turn ASA (Red turn-valve) $10
Check-It 45* VA w/ 800 psi Spyder gauge SOLD
32 Degrees Magnaport valve SOLD
Spyder .45 Single-trigger frame SOLD
Spyder e-trigger (stock board, cut eBay-type trigger) w/ Dye Stickys SOLD
No-name rail / CP ASA SOLD
Spyder ACS rear-cocking bolt $8
Shocktech LPC $7
Spyder Pilot body $10 / Check-it feedneck $5
Spyder Rocker trigger SOLD on PbN
Spyder Image 2k body (hacked up top-cocking mod; the fins aren't even) SOLD
3x Spyder-to-Standard ASA adapter $5 each

Barrels (Spyder threads):

J&J 14 in. Ceramic (.689 bore) SOLD
Proto 1-piece barrel 12 in. (.693+ bore, not sure) $10
Dye Ultralite black 12 in. (glued) (.689 I believe) SOLD
J&J Full-Tilt Ceramic 16 in. 2-piece (Works with J&J Edge kit I believe) $15
Freak Jr. tip (I think makes a 10 or 12 in. barrel) $8


Also have a pod of ~100 Zballs (Reball knock-offs; might be missing around 4 or 5 balls) $15

PM me if interested in any of this stuff! And the ASAs and rails can be mixed & matched if you buy a rail & ASA!
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