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Default Re: Camera gear

IS is absolutely useless for sports, your shutter speed is always high enough to freeze action so IS really does nothing.

IS stabilizes the lens/body shake NOT the picture, If your action pic is blurry before turning on IS its still going to be blurry when you turn it on.

I went from all IS glass to all non-IS glass and don't miss it one bit, hell I have a 400mm without IS and have yet to miss any pics b/c of not having it.

Also fast glass is nice to have (i have a few) but putting on my 580exii and bouncing it off a wall will give me the same result if not better.

Also I am one of the ones that never uses a protective filter, the front element is way strong then the thin ass piece glass on a filter. All thats going to lead to is having to carefully take broken filter glass off the front of your lens.

If you plan on shooting paintball with that lens get on ebay and buy a cheap china knockoff hood. I already had one crack from taking a shot in the side from pretty close. I was out $10 for another cheap one instead of the $50 canon would of charged. Plus paint would easily stain the nice felt on the inside of the factory hood.

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