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Default Re: Camera gear

Eh, I don't care how fast your lens is, IS is still nice to have.. 2.8 isn't overwhelmingly fast either. I mean its really solid for the focal length and the fact that its a zoom but yeah, if you want to stop it down the IS is certainly handy to have.

The SMC Takumar 50/1.4 is supposed to be excellent, its actually got mildly radioactive thorium glass in it.. kinda cool. My copy isn't the best because I took a chance on an ebay auction with a sold as is policy. Terrrrrible fungus, I took it apart though and cleaned it completely, only issue now is the coating on the front element is damaged in a few places but whatever..

Yeah I meant to say USM for the 24-85, but my favorite part of USM is FTM.

Lenses that I can actually afford that I would like to get:

EF 50/1.4
EF 85/1.8
EF 28/1.8
These three are all USM, and relatively inexpensive for their performance. Also I love fast lenses..

andddd my dream lens is the EF 24/1.4 II L
05 Imagine
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Green/silver VSC CCI Phantom

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