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I use a simple, cheap UV filter when shooting paintball simply for the dirt and grime. If it gets hit with a ball and breaks, I'm pretty screwed. Gotta float the pieces off the front element with water and carefully get them off. It isn't going to protect the front element from a dumbass bunkering my camera dead-on, though. I think it's going to cost me a couple bills to have the lens recoated, but eh... oh well. That's a couple days' pay. I'll also have the focus adjusted while it's in for ****s and giggles.

He has the F/2.8L. No IS. Thank God he doesn't either, because that adds at least another half a pound. Pointless, too. You don't get a 2.8 lens then have to turn on IS.... If you do, a better value would be a flash/tripod and breathing control. Oh, or a body that can do a clean ISO 1000 or above set to Manual.
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