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Exclamation Re: Someone's suing paintball.....OMG it's not Smart Parts!

Well whoda evar thunk this was still going on? I thought it was done a while ago. Evedently they've come to a final agreement. Here's the dirt:

KEE to Produce BT Markers with H&K Emblem

Sewell, NJ, August 9th, 2010 KEE Action Sports LLC. KEE Action Sports and Heckler & Koch announced that they had resolved their dispute regarding KEE's BT Delta, BT Delta Elite and BT TM-7 markers. The settlement provides that KEE and its customers may continue to market these three markers. Newly manufactured Delta, Delta Elite and TM-7s will shortly begin bearing an H&K emblem. The three markers will be sub-licensed through Umarex, the worldwide exclusive H&K licensee for paintball products.
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