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New photos

Got the new rail and a g36 tip on my lapco barrel. the rail was a bit tricky to figure out and im still working on it to be truthful. It amkes my hopper sit a little higher then it should giveing it a less secure hold on the feedneck( plane to fix that with some PBC pipe) and the get the rail where i wanted it to use the hopper to hide teh spot for a cyclone feed. I had to push the rail back farther then it should, so there is a gape in the back( currectly filled with foil and some other halfa**ed materials will get a piece milled or make one with some moddleing equipment eventually)

Im still deciding on how to paint it, i also decided to leave the mag. Its wimpy but if fits on there and it works as a fake mag without me having to make major mods. Anyways for the paint i was thinkin leavin it base black and putting tiger stripes on it,3 color pattern. Maybe Black, olive drab, and a dark red, will be using airbrush on it thou.

And that thing holding my marker up is a paint hauler.....i was lacking something better so i improvised, the handgrip is the only thing holding it on there
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