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Originally Posted by dragonjai View Post
hello all, i notice that most of you guys have found a stock that would fit the MR4, i try to look up the same stock or something similar but i'm not sure if its the same one or not. So if someone can help me out i would appreciate it thanks. Here are the ones i looked up so far:

The spyder one is actually on the way, i ordered that thinking that should be no problem but just want to confirm with people that has an MR4 already, thanks again i really appreciate it if someone can help me out
Any stocks that fit a MR 1 or 2 will work on a mr4, the only major modding diff's between mr4 and mr1 is the bolt is of new design, the valve
(as is marketed) and the rails.

The non mr spyder ones, go behind the stricker assembaly and have you FPS adj on em, they will work on a mr4 but i like haveing a mr series one because its stops dirt and stuff from getting innto the bolt assembaly.
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