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Lightbulb Re: Smart Parts properties bought

Try this some time: set a group of say 20 people in a circle. Have the 1st person write a joke down on a piece of paper then read and whisper the joke word for word into the ear of the person next in line. From the second person just go by word of mouth, and so on, and so on.........Once it gets to the 20th person ask them to just tell the joke out loud. You'll most likely lol because it'll be completely different than what's written on the paper -

Now, start elaborating on something like White Hat's that no one has ever heard of nor knows anything at all about. I'd say passing all this around the millions of people that surf the net every day, it will end up being owned and run by Usama bin Laden, Al Gore and teh spirit of Gandhi before the weeks out -

Just another reason to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.......or in the case of the internet, read. It makes more sense to just wait for an official announcement before half way believing what''ll be getting around on this subject -
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