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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
lol, cohesive? you mean coherent? i can drink like a fish to the point where my motor skills are shot, but ill still know exactly whats going on around me. and i usually remember most of it the next day too.
Same thing... :P

Just woke up at home after an awesome trip.

Went to the scream it like you mean it tour in orangevale, ca. We came as romans, i set my friends on fire, close to home, ivoryline, sky eats airplane, emery, and silverstein headlining. It was awesomeeeeee. Only thing to complain about but didn't really care was the temperature. It was in a giant room packeddd with people. At one point it was about 119 degrees in there and when you walked out it was actually COOLER. Then we went to santa cruz, oh and I pierced my septum.
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