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Default Re: Some new hotness for some old hotness

Rivets [I will be painting the rivets black]

Belt clip installed. Picture #2 shows the locking mechanism and in $3 the adjustment bar for belt widths. The "U" looking piece is the lock that keeps you from unknowingly opening the clip.

This is the "large" clip. It's adjustable for up to 2.25" web belts. It also has a locking mechanism so that it can remain in place if that's the users' desire.

With the clip installed, I offset it so the screw heads wouldn't dig into the plastic Splatty:

Business end. The top tube in this marker is where the 10rd tubes go. The bottom tube is the barrel. I made the holster in such a way that the muzzle is blocked but the feed tube is not:

What do you think?
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