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This my project gun. It took me a while since I was so busy with school. (programming is such a pain and takes up so much time ). I think it came out pretty well, the hardest part was getting the mag on. I would discourage doing it the way I did as it take A LOT of work. I can explain if anybody wants to know. There was a lot of metal cutting to fit things in places, luckily everything was made of aluminum.

*After looking at it a bit i realized that the mag needed to be a little bit closer to the trigger frame so I adjusted it a little more. The top pic is the more recent picture. The bottom pic shows how it used to look not as good imo.

ok here's the list of goods.

Spyder MR1
Spyder Classic Single Trigger Frame
M16/AR15 Carry Handle
PCS MX-16 Barrel and Shroud (I have a 14" J&J but this one looks better for the pics)
Rap4 Clamping Feedneck
6 Point Collapsible Stock
M16/AR15 Recoil Pad
M16/AR15 30rd Magazine
Custom Milled Side Cocking Slot by ACP
ACP Slim Delrin Striker with Side Cocking Hole
Spyder Classic Side Cocking Knob

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