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College shouldn't be a debate. It is an absolute necessity. Do what makes you happy. I majored in Management of IS after debating Meteorology, History, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc etc. for years. I now work in a Systems Analyst position and wouldn't trade it for anything. It is literally exactly what I want to be doing.

The trade-off? I get paid about half of what an engineer does in an entry-level position. However, I have awesome co-workers, an awesome job, and I'm married and have flexibility to do what I want. It just isn't all about money. You will never be happy if all you do is chase the dollar.

Do not pass up college. If it takes you 8 years to get a 4 year degree, so be it. Potential employers want to see that you can set goals and achieve them, so set a small goal and work from there. Work and go to school for your associates degree, as that's the best way to buy time to figure out what you want to do in life without wasting valuable time that could be spent in classes. In my opinion, the WORST thing someone can do is go to a large university for 4 years. It costs a fortune and forces immature kids to make career choices immediately out of high school.

Good luck.
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