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Default I'll try it first!

So I've been thinking about getting back into paintball recently. Just a sudden burning desire to play again. Then, strangely, I have a discussion on another forum about paintball. Then, just a few days ago, a friend (who has also not played in a long time) asks me if I want to go next weekend. Of course I said yes.

Then I started to wonder, what gun will I buy. And I see this .50 cal revolution going on. SO I check Spyder, and sure enough there is a .50 cal Spyder. I check here, and I am surprised to see that there are not threads for this new marker.

So, I'm going to save up a little dough, and get myself an Advancer (which, btw, is misspelled twice on the forum, in the name of the forum itself and the "Welcome to" thread, nice on Shu). Might be a few weeks before I have the green, but once I get it I'll leave some feedback.

Also, bet you guys thought I was dead or something.
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