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Default Rolling old school now...

Well I sold victory for cash and picked up an alias timmy for cheap on sunday.

-Virtue board
-Critical trigger
-Orange bolt
-hybrid feedneck
-hybrid grips

-check it POS on/off hard to turn the damn knob

I forgot how good timmys shoot, I haven't even touched one since I sold my old 2k5'd ironmen. With just a cleaning, fresh lube and and minor adjustments it was shooting +/-3.

Plan was to keep it till G6r came out but I am definitely just going to keep it as back up now for the price I got it for, it just shoots so damn nice.

O and I picked up a deadlywind barrel with full insert kit a few weeks ago, don't think I ever posted it.

Also got some part for the DMC on friday, just need to upgrade the board and its done.

Specs as it sets:
-Ironmen reach trigger
-BL cam drive on/off
-Hybrid top hat
-green virtue laser eyes
-ccm no pro feedneck


Back to gun whoring.....

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