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Default Re: Official Flame Therapy

Everyday when my dad comes home, the first thing he asks me is "How many job applications have you filled out today?" cuz apparently im supposed to apply for every friggin job in a 30 mile radius, even if i dont know how to do it. Since my brothers been working all the time, Im supposed to be just like him and work 10 hours a day, and go to college for another 3 hours. He blew all of the college funds on a friggin private college (Lynchburg college) and flunked out with little to no credits, he wasted $40,000+ in two years, now I have to do community colleges and transfer to Strayer. Now as my brother (22) sits in his room under his parents' roof playing his computer, not knowing that he blew my chance at a 4year college. On top of that, he doesn't pay for anything he does, his 2years at college are stuck on my parents shoulders.

Now with that little whining off my chest, I feel a little better
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well...CO2 (or Carbon Dioxide) remains CO2 until trees turn it into Oxygen. So...if there aren't any trees in your should be fine
hmmm, so if i put a tree in a co2 tank, then it will turn into.... HPA!!!!
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