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Using the red dot scope with the foresight is not useful due to the carry handle height. The scope sits to high, but you can still adjust it to be tactically useful. If you customize the mr-1 to work with the 7/8 scope mount, you can line your red dot with your m-16 sight, a lot of tweaking to fit the scope and allow the gun to cock properly.

I bought the Q-Loader from
I was wondering the same thing, how did people customize the Q-Loader to fit the MR-1.

You DO NOT need the custom mounting kit, nor do you need any Spyder fittings. All required material is included in the package if you are willing to take the time to customize it. (Bending largest ring to fit mag)

Step 1- I took the mag off, bent the ring to fit, put the thread piece on the ring and faced it toward the front of the gun, then slid it down over the top of the mag about an inch or so, allowing room for my m-16 barrel shroud.
(Took me longest to bend this ring, lol about an hour of messing with it.)

Step 2- Put the mag back on the MR-1 with the ring in place or close to being in place. Put it where you like and screw the loading socket onto the mounting ring.

Step 3- I used my stock 45 degree MR-1 feed neck and wrapped electrical(Black) tape around it once. Only one layer, do not overlap the tape or else the Q-Loader elbow will push the tape down.
(Reason for the tape is to hold the feed neck together, when i first got mine all setup i loaded the pod went outside and after 5 shots the Q-Loader elbow slipped off and the whole pod emptied onto the ground, so use something (Tape) to add a little extra grip for the elbow to catch.

Step 4- Put a large O-ring on the feed hose, soap it a little and slide it into the elbow. Put the elbow on the gun then estimate an extra 3 ribs on the feed hose and cut it to fit the mounting socket on your mag. Use another O-ring and some soap to get the feed hose into the mounting socket.

Step 5- Load the q-loader pod, attach and enjoy!

I love the Q-Loader since i got it, it adds a little weight to the front of the gun but also puts the loader underneath. Also the mounting socket has a curve to it allowing your hand to rest on that curve while you grip your mag.

Any other questions just ask. I'm happy to help with this, i couldn't find much for research but now that i got it, all the questions are easily answered.
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