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Originally Posted by marvin-martian View Post
I'm pretty sure that isn't what he was getting at...

And I am in a sticky female situation myself. Remember that Nikki girl I made a thread about a few months ago? Well, over the weekend she was over at my house and I ended up kissing her. She didn't kiss back at first, just said it was "sudden" and she stared into my eyes for awhile while touching my face/rubbing my back. We then kissed more, and in the middle of things she says she isn't good at relationships. Which I have always known. Things wind down after a bit and as shes leaving I ask her what she thought and she says "I don't know."
Honestly, she is not capable of what I want in a relationship, and I am not capable of not being serious. I have always had a thing for her but have always known it would be best not to do anything about it. Since then, I have talked to her and seen her, but nothing was done or said concerning what happened. Now I have no idea if I'm going to regret this, or if things will get more complicated and hard or just hygfhfghfrshbfshh.
Thats a tough one Marv. For your sake it might be best for you to sit down and talk to her about it. Tell her that you understand that she isn't good at relationships but you want to know if she wants to try. If she is willing to try and you like her enough, then it will be worth it. If she doesn't know, then maybe you need to let her know about you, if she doesn't already know. Tell her that you aren't the type of guy who can't be serious in a relationship. At least then you'll have it out there and if she doesn't want a relationship with you, you don't get in too deep and get hurt.

I am similar to you, if I'm in a relationship, I am in the relationship. I'm contemplating doing something similar with girl I've been talking to. Not necessarily saying "Do you like me?" or anything like that, just something like, "Do you think there is any chance of a relationship, more than just friends between us?" All on her own time, as I understand she just got out of a relationship and may not be ready. I just don't want to mistake anything that is going on between us for something its not.

Thats all I got. Take it for what its worth, I haven't been in a relationship in quite a while.
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