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Originally Posted by Hossy View Post
Yeah, alot of girls do that when they are young. I dont think alot of older women do that though - Not to make you feel 'old' shu but shes not a freshman in highschool. Shes a woman.

Just keep talking and see how things go Josh.
Very true... That's one of the many thing I hate about high school girls.
Originally Posted by shunut View Post
Well, yesterday she messaged me. We were talking and some how, not sure how, but I got backed into a corner. She didn't back me into the corner, I pretty much did that myself. So I told her how I felt. She was surprised, but she kept talking to me, messaged me at midnight just to say goodnight. Messaged me first thing this morning. I'm not going to run into things, I'm just going to play it cool and see what happens.
Originally Posted by shunut View Post
That was my biggest concern. I didn't want to say something, weird her out and then totally lose her as a friend. I think things went okay though. I can't say that anything is going to happen but over 500 text messages have been exchanged in the past 2 days. She keeps texting me with no prompting from me. I could be reading into the texts too much but they seem to have a different tone to them, in a good way, and she continues to share lots of personal information.
That's good that your still talking and that she's still telling you personal stuff. Just keep talking to her
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