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Default Re: Azodin KP pump?

Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post

i saw one KP at the field on saturday, and the only problem it had with farting was because theres no return spring on the pump. i saw 2 cockers that were farting worse than the KP.
farting has nothing to due with the return spring, its all in the valve.

We tried to respring the KP at the field and got nowhere, only time it would stop it was either shooting really hot and below 200.

If you never played pump before a phantom is usually not a good first step unless you know what your in for. The phantom, even with aftermarket pump kits have a very hard pump stroke to them. Using a hopper with one is also very top heavy b/c the gun is so light. Using the stick feed and 12 grams or 3.5oz tank is the way to go with a phantom but going to stock class straight away turns alot of people off from pump play.

Its easier to transition to a cocker before going straight to stock class b/c you can use a normal size hopper and tank, overall the gun has the same feeling your use to. I have seen more then a handful of new phantom users (even long time cocker based pump players) become extremely frustrated when using the phantom due to either running out of paint in the 10/15 round tube or having to change 12 grams mid game.

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