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Default Re: Azodin KP pump?

Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
you can get phantoms for cheap now. i sold my VSC/OC setup for $200 (to a friend).

i saw one KP at the field on saturday, and the only problem it had with farting was because theres no return spring on the pump. i saw 2 cockers that were farting worse than the KP.
Ok, i'm still debating between KP and Phantom, but if i can get a Phantom for the same price as that site, I might get one of those. I heard the KP farting problem can be solved by a heavier spring.

Originally Posted by Hob Hayward View Post
Damn those ARE cheap... I paid like 280 for my VSC, and that was at a discount too... guess it was fully loaded

If you get friendly with your local shop, they can probably hook you up with a good price.

Dragon, I heard that CA didn't work as well in the phantom design for some reason or another, which is why I currently use 12g's and have a 3.5 oz. tank. Definitely let us know how it works out though, as I'd be interested to see how they compare.
I wish I had a local shop. My friend used to run one and i got all my paint and supplies from there, but he changed from paintball to snowboard/ski/skateboard. I'm not very happy with that.
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