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Default Re: Azodin KP pump?

Originally Posted by Hob Hayward View Post
Based on the PBR reviews it seems solid, and its cheap. What the heck is the KP+ though? Electro-pump???
KP+ is the electro version. completely pointless, if you ask me and many other people.

Originally Posted by Muddytaco View Post
IMO there complete crap. They had a few out at the last pump day and I tried one out and was far from impressed. The valve kept "farting" on every shot, which is highly annoying in itself. It wasn't consistent, which is a huge deal when your shooting 1 ball at a time. Two finger trigger on a pump=fail. Overall the gun just felt like crap.

I would much rather pick up a used pump cocker off pbn for around the same amount or if you want new, save about 100 more and get the SM1:

I would serious consider a used cocker, I just went through the 2 pages on b/s/t pump on pbn and there was atleast 10 cockers for 150-160.


NEVER look at PBR for actual info, those are a bunch of noobs posting that something is amazing 10 sec after they open the box. ever notice that almost every review is 10/10, "most amazing thing i ever used"
i do prefer new, unless i find a used that's in really good shape and the seller has good reviews. i will look for cockers..
and thanks for the pbr advice, i did notice that.

Originally Posted by DRAGON View Post
You can remove that question mark. Undoubtedly the best pump on the market. You can prolly find a brand new base model on the net for around $180. It is the original modular pump marker with tons of possible configurations and tons of anodizing choices as well. Light, efficient, accurate with stellar customer service -

Just got a 13/3K for my babies. I'm eager to see the difference from using a/s Co2 -
i have also looked at phantoms in the past. but they seem so expensive and i would have to make sure to save the extra money to buy a 3.5oz Co2 tank. I'm not the biggest fan of 12 grams. and i didnt know you could find them new for 180. I will definately have to look for that...

thanks everyone.
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