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Default Re: Meet number 95 or 96 or 97 idk lost count now

It was at 88 a couple before i quit, I was at 90 or above and victory is number 5 since i came back in jan. or number 6 if you want to include the POS maxx55 that came free with my sportshot hopper lol.

Since I came back I own/owned:
-Cyborg RX
-Rockstar Geo

-pos maxx55

and I got this a week or 2 ago for $150

Which was another reason I didn't take DM9.

As it sets now it has:
-Ul frame
-Laser eyes
-Hybrid Top Hat
-CCM no pro feedneck

It needs some TLC so I wasn't going to post pics of it till it was done. Putting on a Ironmen trigger, Ape Board or Tadao, CP ASA and then getting red CP tip and sharing backs with victory.

And heres the real beast, buy a $15 pump hopper and its free lol:

Back to gun whoring.....

armedfuture (8:12:32 PM): I'm a big angel
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