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Default Meet number 95 or 96 or 97 idk lost count now

I was suppose to be getting a SL94 3 different times but after 3 deals and 3 1/2 weeks of waiting I got fed up and posted it on the local board and picked this up today:

Spots on feedneck are just reflections, this thing looks brand new:

Bob Long Victory
-Supercharger Engine
-Virtue OLED Board
-Violent Trigger
-CP 2 piece, Black .693 back 14" silver front
-Pressure tester, oring test, misc crap.

It was between this and a dm9 with virtue oled, BW bolt and Violent trigger, after shooting it, I definitely made the right pick.

This thing shoots amazing, just like my old closer but even better.

Very smooth, hardly any kick at all and it extremely good on air, shooting three pods i went from 2000 to 1400, so I could expect roughly 15 pods + if it was full 4500 .

Internal air lines is nice, nothing in the way.

Short reg actually is just about the perfect length.

Bolt system is very nice compared to old marq bolts, pop up back cap, pull out the back, pop off bolt tip and twist off can and the entire thing is apart, takes probably 10 sec max.

Going to pick up a few more cp backs and call it good, ssssssoooooooo tired of dealing with all the noob traders on pbn now.


Video of it shooting:

Back to gun whoring.....

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