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Originally Posted by Muddytaco View Post
Went to school for welding but right now I am working at a sears hardware store as a customer service manager, it totally sucks don't ever do it, thats the one I was referring to. I only work there on the weekends now, I tried to quit but they told me they really wanted me to stay so I am working weekends till I find a real job.

I also work as a staff photography for a sports news site that covers private high school all around texas. I usually do that a couple times a week, I really like it but pay is not consistent since its based alot off of commission of prints sold and if one is used for print. It can be really good but also suck sometimes.

Good news is I finally found a place that is hiring welders right now so hopefully I can finally bounce back to decent job that actually pays very nicely.
The photography thing would be alot of fun. Even welding would be fun, I know my dad loves doing it atleast lol. However being a customer service manager would kinda suck, I hate having to work with people.
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