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Default 2010 D-Day Unit Recruiting videos

Here are just a few of the new recruting vids
which members with Allied Units have created
in order to generate interest. Anyone who is
interested in learning more or who wants to
join up is asked to visit the official D-Day
website -

Commonwealth #1 -

4th Infantry Division -

Commonwealth #2 -

Commonwealth #3 -

D-Day 09 helicopter ride -


Footage from last few moments of 2009 D-Day at
Colleville. 3,000 players fighting it out after 9 non
stop hours for the final flag. 800 orange smoke
grenades added to the excitment and confusion.

Full Auto Machinegun Shooting event
Just one more reason why D-Day is the world's
largest paintball event.

2nd Armor Group recuiting -



Andrew Van Der Plaats
J-1, Allied Command

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