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Default Re: Kingman Technical Support E-mails

I have to say, up until the time that I had to deal with trying to get something technical fixed, I had zero complaints about Kingman. I am an avid supporter of Kingman products. I recommend Spyder markers to everyone I know, especially Beginner/First time tournament players.

However, I have been trying to get a new shell for my Fasta loader for over a year now. I tried any and every paintball business I could find to see if I could just order a new one, no results. Then I tried these forums, again, no results. Finally, I tried calling tech support. I left a message over a month ago. I called during business hours, got noone. Still, to this date, I havent recieved any help from any of the resources that I tried.

This is very very poor customer relations. I know Kingman is striving to be the best, so to be honest, they have to be smart enough to realize that "Customer Support", is the basis of any retail business.

Thanks for listening.
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