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Default Re: What cha Drivin

Originally Posted by XSiv Force View Post
oh, big man + lil Volvo = loads of fun
haha, this thing is by no means little!

Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
damn dan, thats a serious beard!

when i saw the inside, i kept thinking "party van!?!?!" volvos have big interiors!
Ya, I never realized how big inside it was until I took everything out to clean it. Everything went back in except the headliner and the passanger seat because I need to fix the seat.

The headliner is staying out, and I need to head to pick n pull and see how much it'd cost for a sun roof cover off another 244. I'm just going to seal it and rivet it closed, and remove the whole assembly inside the car.

ALSO, the beard still has a couple months until I even consider shaving it.
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