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Default Re: What cha Drivin

My new car.
Look! I'm actually doing something!;20240/029.jpg

Ripped out all the headliner, except for the piece that was on the sunroof cover thing. That'll just stay on because the sunroof assembly is gonna be coming out anyways!

Leaks maybe?

Motor mounts and new water pump to be installed another day.

Full of crap that was ripped out.

After it was vacuumed.


Lets go for a ride!

Smoke and no idea why. =[

As the car is right now.

The passenger seat is rocking a lot because it's missing a nut and bolt to hold one bracket side down, so I left it out until I fix it tomorrow hopefully.

OH! I also got a new passenger headlight lense!

BTW, the neighbors love me. NOT.
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