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Default LNIB CIP Uni, Tank Cover, Empty ESP Frame

I always start with the rules so here you go:

1. I will ship USPS unless other shipping is requested, which you will have to cover the difference in shipping cost.

2. Paypal is highly preferred. I will accept MO's but will not ship until I receive the MO.

3. I will not ship first ever, so don't ask. My feedback speaks for itself.

4. I will not ship outside of the United States, sorry Canada.

5. Trades are listed at the bottom, if you post a trade and its something not on my list, you will be ignored.

6. I will not "hold" anything or put "pending" on anything. If you wish to buy have your money ready. Unless of course you are sending a MO, in which I will give you 3 business days for the MO to be received.

7. If you have any question or want more pics please feel free to ask, but post here before you pm me.


1. Dye Rhino Tank Cover, Red, 68ci. Its used, as you can see from the picture but it still serves its purpose. $15 shipped.

2. CIP UniMount. Black Cage, blue ASA, never used in a game, practically brand new, didn't like where it put my tank, made my gun too long. I also have a 90* macro fitting that I'll send with it. SOLD

3. Bob Long Torpedo Regulator. Couple scratches where the air fitting goes but in perfect working condition, I have a 90* macro fitting that I'll send with it if you want it. SOLD

4. Empty ESP Frame. Stripped of almost all anno, milled for eye wires. SOLD


1. CP Regulator, long, with gauge port, black only

2. Black Spyder Freak Back, the black aluminum one.

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