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Default Anything cool with a VL quantum

I couldn't tell you why i even have one of these, but anyway i decided to make it cool since it actually performing as a electronic loader is impossible.

I basically removed the motor and the spinning prop. and custom painted the hopper a desert camo. then removed alot of the excess plastic inside the loader and sanded it smooth so it could function as a grav feed. I left the spot where the batteries go and a little more room and i put it a red lightbulb. i attached the bulb to the batteries and now when i flip the switch a red light glows inside the hopper.

now im working on using an Eggy spinning prop to try to make an anti jam thingy, that has a manual lever outside the loader (a little bit above the feedneck) that i spin and it should get the balls falling again.

I dont know what possessed me to do this, but now im planning on getting a pump marker and use this stupid thing as its loader.

anyone else mod there quantum at all?
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