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Default Re: Commonwealth Recruiting OK D-Day 2010, June 7-13

Hello Troops!
Only 106 days, until the event starts! I canít wait!
The Commonwealth 6th Airborne is nearly filled and the 3rd Infantry has some good numbers. This is a great opportunity for players to join up, make a national name for themselves and create a lasting paintball impression and Commonwealth traditions. The registration fee at the D-Day site goes up on April 1st, from $70 to $100, so register as soon as you can. Register at for the British 9th PIR or the Canadian 1st PIB. Register at for the British East Yorkshire Regiment, Canadian Royal Winnipeg Rifles or Canadian Scottish Regiment. Register at for the British 41 (Forty-One) Royal Marines Commando. Register at for the British 13th/18th Royal Hussars or the British 13th/18th Light Dragoons.
So far, we will have players from the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Holland and Australia. Come and be part of the largest international paintball scenario team in the world. These players are some of the best scenario players the world has to offer and hold the ideals of Sportsmanship and Honour in the highest regard.
Visit our web site at www.ddaycommonwealth and register with the forum to get the latest information on D-Day events scheduled, Commonwealth events scheduled, training, Military Full Auto Shoot, Conex barracks rental or purchase, group dining, uniform and t-shirt sales and North American convoy schedules. We are now taking preorders for everything the Commonwealth offers to the troops. Soft goods will be delivered at the event, unless you desire to have it sent to you. Convoys and Conex rental or purchase are offered to any player going to D-Day. Airport player pick-up is offered to Commonwealth troops and bonafide journalists only. If you have any questions, please email me at

See you on the field!

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