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Default Re: Let the whoring begin!

Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
too much red. still nice!
Looking for gloss black RX owner to trade parts with now.

Originally Posted by TheDarkShadow View Post
what kind of hopper are you going to get? (assuming you won't be using the pump hopper lol)
Either prophecy or rotor. I really liked my magna so I am leaning heavily towards the prophecy. Although I did play with a rotor at local shop and really like how easy it can be taken apart but its like 80% towards prophecy right now, RF mode wins over anything else.

Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
lol. for 12bps, thats all you need!
lol good luck getting 12 bps even, I shot half a pod that way and it was painfull. 3 shots, slight pause, 1-2 shots, pause.

Back to gun whoring.....

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