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Arrow Re: Too much volume?

Originally Posted by oldironmudder View Post
The reg is set somewhere between 375 & 400 psi @ 285fps. Its not massive like beer bottle size but quite a bit bigger than what Spyders have. Im sure it would equal the volume of a full size body if not more. It has a mechanical double trigger for now but I have a single on the way. I dont see myself out shooting the Palmer.

I think I could measure the volume with water. Like CC'ing a head on a motor & compare to the stock parts. But I really need to test to see if it leaks or will possible leak.
Seems your best bet is to experiment with different spaces and use the best performance results as a basis. You can always go overboard with about anything. Finding the mean of course is the way to go -

Not only do you have to take the internal volume into consideration, but the internal passageway freedom of flow as well. Yano, like CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) on carbs. You can INXS that as well -
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