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Angry Re: Spambot PM's....BEWARE!!! Please report them here.....

Originally Posted by druid View Post
Got one from StopAdmin and simply deleted it.

Coincidentally, ...and I ain't kidding...

I ended up getting a virus on 1/18/10 called "Internet Security 2010." It is an "antivirus-Virus" and is one pervasive sonuvaB....

once uploaded, you can't log on to the internet and if you can, tabs are redirected elsewhere. "You're infected" bubbles galore and it changes your desktop picture. Poop up bubbles telling of your infection never end...what a nightmare. Microsoft ranked it a 5/ tech guy had my tower for 3 weeks.

Now I'm up and running again.
Thing about that one is, you unknowingly let it into your computer through your actions. It will popup as a virus warning w/a fake windows screen. It appears as though your computer is alarming you listing viruses that you don't have but it's a trick to get you to accept the download. It basically locks up your computer like you can't do anything else but click to fix it by downloading this Internet Security 2010 fake software. If you can get off the internet the window is easily deleted and download avoided -

I had a few attempts thus far by this one and always managed to foil it. You really need to be careful to not click on anything. Even trying to click off the virus warning screen can give it the OK to download -

Your best bet for updates by softwares is to make the setting where it needs your OK to update anything at all. Some people have it set to automatically accept updates which is the kiss of death -
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