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Default Re: Exciting news! For you to choose!

IMO go ahead and skip any ego over 07, yes they require less work and shoot pretty consistent but they feel like complete **** when your shooting them. I owned a 07 ego and 06 macdev cyborg at the same time and did a direct side by side, cyborg blew it away by far. It was 100x smoother, easier to take apart and shot more consistent. SL66 is the only ego I have actually liked that I owned out of the 10 or so that I had.

If it were me, I would go for either a closer or victory (there like 750 used) if you want a gun with a spool valve feel. I know there a inline poppit but they feel like a spool when you shoot them. Plus is bob has the best customer service out of anybody. When I got my closer the eyes went bad less then a hopper after I started shooting it. I got the gun in a trade and was by far not the first owner, I sent it to bob with a list of what was wrong. A week later the gun came back with brand new 4C eyes, new orings through out the gun and gun had been tuned shooting 290 +/-2. Cost to me $0.00, they didn't even charge shipping.

If you want a stacked tubed poppit get a '07 cyborg or a cyborg RX. Both are pretty cheap on the used market and shoot amazing.

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