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Arrow Re: What's all this talk about 50 cal?

Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
holy ****, its AJ!.......
X2!!! I'll even logon for this one Welcome back ol bud -

.50 cal remains with the community as TBD. I think the target group is noobs. You can expect markers and other stuff from Kingman mid next month some time. I just got their 2010 catalog yesterday. Lotsa new .50 cal stuff including a hopper. Don't think anyone else makes a hopper yet. Dye is dabbling into .50 cal with kits. I think it's Dye -

Unless someone sends me a .50 cal to review, I'll stay with the 68's I've been brought up on. I'm not so sure the community has been sold on them yet. Roll the dice and see what happens -
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