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Default Re: What's all this talk about 50 cal?

I jut been doing some reading up on it this morning and it seems to me like a good move for the industry. Diversity breeds competition and a capitalist market needs competition to survive.

Anyhoo, I just got done reading a bunch of crap on PBnation, and of course the threads never stay on topic.

I sold all of my equipment some time ago, and just recently played my first games in about 4 years. Here in England (BTW, i am in England right now) field paint cost me about 100 GBP (that's about $165US) per case. Anything that could possibly bring the cost of paint down is welcome in my eyes.

I also read that the increased surface tension of the .50 paint allows for a 40% thinner shell, which combats all the talk about non-breakage.

I'll be moving back to the states in a few weeks (for good) and after my wife has this next baby (we're working on our second one right now), I'm going to be looking into getting my own equipment again. I hope this .50 cal thing works out. I'd gladly sacrifice a few feet of range for lower costs. The whole 350 balls to a hopper thing sounds pretty good too.

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