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Default Re: Smart Parts "Temporary" Closure

It's not outsourcing for me.. and Edge's are unibody, the subframe will be made in Buffalo, the main body of the car will be built on the assembly line.

In all seriousness, I know what you're getting at, it's just another instance where someone less, or just as qualified has swooped in an offered a cheaper solution. That's just business though. 60 jobs in the grand scheme of things is nothing, the paper mill my Dad has worked at for the last 36 years is all but toast due to the Bush administration's taxation on Canadian softwood products. The plant used to employ about 2500 workers, last he told me they're down to 500, and he's one of the last two machinists left, and they're taking about axing his department completely now and outsourcing all their machine-work. I really do feel for the families, but if they worked in that industry, they knew it was coming.
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