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Default Re: Smart Parts "Temporary" Closure

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
Paul, how about we bill the Gardners with screwing the paintballers and the banks with the economy? Two different yet related subjects, and I agree that they both have some blame: but for different things.

1. The banks did what banks do: call in their loans.

2. The Gardners made a ****ty business decision to pull out the loan,

3. and then the Gardners did what they do best... they avoided getting screwed by screwing everyone else.
1. The banks that got caught up in the mortgage fiasco/tank on Wall street has nothing to do with SP. They screwed themselves and THEN called in all loans [to include those with SP]. THAT forced SP to do what they did.

2. I will not argue that SP spread themselves too thin. 3 or 4 markers in the span of about a year/year and a half...that was idiotic. Even MORE idiotic is this constant notion that markers like the LUXE are going to be bought in such high quantities to make it their "bread and butter." That goes for ANYONE...DP, WDP, anyone.

3. If you had a business that cost as much to run as they do/did....YOU would have done the EXACT same thing. Period. Don't say you wouldn't because like them - you wouldn't have had much of a choice.

Whine and complain about SP all you want [all people...not just Tim ] they were a huge contribution to the sport in general. You may not have reaped direct benefits from it...but they helped provide all those Shockers everyone craved at one time, tourney fields, prizes and sponsorships and got a TON of new players [targets for us? ] into the game by way of the Ion, SP8 and SP1 line of markers.
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