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Default Re: Smart Parts "Temporary" Closure

Originally Posted by RSX99 View Post
You mean to tell me that every auto manufacturer has their product manufactured overseas? That's a fallacy because I know for a fact that the Ford Edge is produced right in Buffalo.

I cannot comment on the cell phone because I have no information regarding that matter.
No. I mean to tell you that just about everything you own has either been made in, or from, foreign countries or materials. Not one thing you own since around 1980 doesn't have some foreign component to it. 1972 Nova was made from US steel but assembled in Canada. Parts too. A car might be made here...but is made from materials from overseas...or vice versa. Same goes for yur cell phone, dvd player, Xbox, computer....whatever you have as 'entertainment' or transportation.

Originally Posted by RSX99 View Post
On top of that point, you seem not to have an issue with the outsourcing of American jobs.
Well considering that I happen to have a father who was forced into early retirement because he was a US Steel worker...I think you are pointing the finger at the wrong person. I have a different perspective and it includes greedy company heads [AND employees] who insist on 100% healthcare coverage, union protections, high salaries and paid vacations...that drive the company to find a cheaper solution. You also seem to forget that automation of factories dwindles a worforce by thousands. Blame it on EVERYONE'S greed and the highly sought "technology revolution."

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
My BlackBerry was made in Mexico. Some are made in Hungary and some are made in the country that RIM is based out of, Canada. Most phones are made in Japan or elsewhere.

That doesn't matter in the end to the consumer so long as the product is the same. I feel bad for the employees, but its the Gardners that screwed them.
To a point but as I've said before. The Gardner's wouldn't have done it, had the banks not called in their loans [because of their own Wall street messes]. Put the blame where it belongs...some to the Gardners but the rest elsewhere.
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